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Camp Len Duong

Sponsored by Le Hoang Nguyen - The Winning Agency and Dr. Rick Ngo

I. Goal:

To promote participation of Vietnamese-American/Canadian students in volunteerism in the Vietnamese community in the local city, Le Hoang Nguyen Winning Agency and Dr. Rick Ngo will award two $500.00 scholarships to outstanding young community activists who want to attend camp Len Duong 2008 and need financial help. One is sponsored by Winning Agency and one is sponsored by Dr. Rick Ngo.

II. Requirements:

Applicants can be college students or senior in high school whose GPA is 3.00 or above on the 4-point scale.
Applicant must be active in a Vietnamese community organization or Vietnamese Student Association
Submit an application (form attached).
Submit an essay about the topic “What Vietnam means to you? Why are you active with the Vietnamese community and what is your plan to contribute to Vietnam in the future? “
Submit a personal resume showing leadership ability and current active involvement with the community.
Scholarship fund will be sent to awarded applicants upon verification of official registration from Len Duong Camp organizing committee.
Please submit the essay, personal resume, Len Duong camp expectation statement to camp @ vcsa.org or vcsa @ vcsa.org or send the hard copies to

VCSA LHN scholarship
Attn. LD scholarship committee
4615 Belle Park Dr.
Houston, TX 77072

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